Review: The Roanoke Girls by Amy Engel

How do I describe a book that had me pulling faces in disgust, yet all the while, turning the pages in quick succession, because I was desperate to find out how the depraved novel would end? Although the subject matter and family secret at the heart of this book is disturbing, I must confess, the big reveal had me surprisingly gripped.

After her mother commits suicide, fifteen-year-old Lane goes to live with her grandparents and cousin Allegra at their expansive estate in Kansas, where she lives happily for a short while. But after discovering a shocking secret about her family, Lane flees for Los Angeles. Eleven years later, her grandfather calls her with alarming news: her cousin Allegra is missing. Lane returns to the Roanoke estate, and the past comes crashing back...

A couple exchanges I had with people on Twitter about The Roanoke Girls proved that it's not for everyone. Some people have been repulsed by the secret that this novel is built on, and unfortunately cannot see past it. I found the secret shocking, but the writing was undeniably beautiful, and that was what made the book such a compelling and irresistible read.

If you're a fan of haunting stories told through gorgeous prose, then you're sure to love The Roanoke Girls. 

Rating: 5 STARS!