Review: Did You See Melody? by Sophie Hannah

This book gave me heart palpitations, but in a good way. It dragged me along willingly on a crazy journey of deceit and batshit revelations, with one wild twist after another.

I do much of my reading on the tube, to and from work, and Did You See Melody? earned me some concerned looks from my fellow commuters. I'm not surprised. Between my audible gasps at each shocking turn of events as the story unfolded, and feverishly tapping my Kindle in an effort to turn the pages quickly, my symptoms were obvious. I was none other than a thriller-loving bookworm in the final desperate stages of a novel. I was so close to discovering the truth, the big reveal, and nothing would stop me in my mission to get there.

Cara Burrows, British mother of two, leaves behind her family and runs away to a luxury, five-star spa resort in Arizona. Arriving late at night, there's a mix-up with the room keys, and Cara enters another guest's room, thinking its hers. Inside is a man and a young girl, who Cara later believes may be Melody Chapa, the girl whose murder has been heavily documented in the press; her parents are even serving life sentences for it. As Cara tries to get to the bottom of things, her own safety is at risk.

This was a book full of interesting characters that were well developed, and the writing was suspenseful and the plot well executed.

Rating: 5 STARS!