Review: Lie to Me by Jess Ryder

Lie to Me started off well and had me intrigued. The MC was likeable enough, inquisitive and determined to find out answers, which was fine by me because I too wanted answers. To begin with, the story played out at a reasonable pace. I enjoyed the alternating narrators telling their stories, regularly switching between Meredith and Cara, the deceased woman who has links to Meredith's missing mother, Becca.

Somewhere around the 60% mark, I began to lose interest. The story was dragging on a little and some of the secondary characters were obnoxious and annoying. I ended up skimming through the rest of the story and didn't find the conclusion particularly fascinating.

Up until the 60% mark, I likely would have awarded Lie to Me 4 stars, but the latter part didn't quite deliver the same standard.

Rating: 3 STARS!