Review: My Husband the Stranger by Rebecca Done

***Spoilers ahead***

***Don't say I didn't warn you!***

The idea of a spouse's personality changing dramatically after an accident, so much so that it's like being married to someone you don't even recognise, is an interesting concept. The thought of living with, and waking up next to, someone you grow to resent is a sad and horrifying thought. All of those ideas could form the basis for a gripping plot. Unfortunately, My Husband the Stranger just didn't have that special something to make me invest in the characters.

I sympathised with Molly and felt real frustration towards her predicament, but I soon grew tired of her complaining. I wanted her to think up new and exciting ways to bring the old Alex back, or stand her ground when he flirted shamelessly with his ex, right in front of her. But instead she took a backseat approach to life and waited for Alex or his ex-girlfriend to remember she existed. They didn't, but instead carried on flirting, until Graham had to intervene on Molly's behalf. That was aggravating. Alex's brother, Graham, despite coming to Molly's aid that one time, was also annoying. He was an immature and selfish character, and I quickly grew irritated with him, too.

There was a lot of back and forth with the narrative and what I assumed would be its conclusion. I found myself almost willing Molly to take a break from her marriage and move to London for a while to pursue her career, wondering if perhaps her absence would finally break Alex out of his new, angry and "bored" with life, mind-set. It felt as thought the author was suggesting Molly would be justified in making this decision, which, let's be honest, even the most patient of readers would find themselves half-agreeing with (Alex had become particularly unpleasant to live with by this point).

But then suddenly the author changed her mind and decided to preach the sanctity of marriage. I found this shift in narrative confusing and rather abrupt. It felt as though the author had taken the easy way out, or simply wanted to wrap up the story.

The novel was well written, but the characters weren't likeable, or at least interesting enough to leave me desperately wanting to know how their stories would end. Instead, it was a pleasant but uninspiring story by a good writer.

Rating: 3 STARS!