Review: The Girl Before by JP Delaney

This book was pretty bonkers. The idea of moving into a home in which the architect tells you how to live your life, what to eat and even what to feel sounds like hell to me, but who am I to judge hipsters? It certainly made for an interesting read!

The first half of the book was a little slow, drawn out and, at times, tedious. Hey, just like the application process for prospective tenants of 1 Folgate Street!

In the second half, the author picked up the pace, but things became a little weird. It included lines like, "Yes, Daddy," which, surprisingly, wasn't uttered by a small child talking to her father, but rather a full-grown woman trying to seduce her landlord.

Was I shocked? Not really. This book was bizarre from the outset. But I did feel deceived, as I hadn't signed up for a 50 Shades-esque novel. But yet here we had a controlling male with more money than sense, who the female protagonists repeatedly describe as gorgeous. His favourite hobbies include bossing around the women who stay in his house and dictating how they live their lives. Sound familiar? That's what I thought! But this was the thriller version. The former tennant dies a horrific death in this book. And the creepy computerised shower sometimes stops working for no reason. Ugh, if there is one thing I cannot stand, it's a cold shower in the morning! There was also a whole other bunch of weird and annoying stuff that takes place in the second half.

It was an entertaining book and the writing wasn't bad, but the story just seemed to become more and more implausible towards the end. Still, I hear 'The Girl Before' is being made into a movie. Lord knows I'm a sucker for a movie adaptation, so I'll probably get around to seeing this when it eventually comes on DVD!