Review: Eye Candy by Jessica Lemmon

I didn't enjoy this book, and I'm surprised I actually finished it. I wanted to abandon it, but I couldn't remain optimistic that the story would improve. Unfortunately, it did not.

The plot was predictable and a little cliched. I found the main protagonists lacked any real personality. Vince was a little too mopey for my liking, and Jackie wasn't nearly assertive enough. She relied far too much on other people's advice and opinions, and was incapable of making any important decisions in her life, at least until the very end of the story.

Romance novels usually at least have good humour thrown in, but I didn't find the camaraderie between the characters particularly amusing, so that was further disappointing. The writing was OK, but not memorable. It felt like a debut novel, but not a very gripping one. Despite the gorgeous male specimen on the cover being incredibly arresting (what a beautiful cover!), the story itself could not deliver.