Review: Everything but the Truth by Gillian McAllister

Everything but the Truth wasn't quite what I expected. It was much slower-paced than the psychological thrillers that normally keep me up at night because I can't bear to put them down. But Gillian McAllister's novel kept pace with them in other ways.

The manner in which the author developed her characters breathed life into them on the page - a truly impressive feat. I was surprised to learn that this is only her debut novel, as she writes with a maturity that is common of more seasoned writers. Rachel and Jack's relationship seems idyllic at first, but it's not long before the cracks start to show. As Jack's shocking past was revealed, I was utterly gripped.

It's clear that Gillian McAllister has a bright future ahead of her. I look forward to reading her next book to see if she can keep this momentum going and come up with another bestseller.

Rating: 4 STARS!