Review: "No Angel" by Tara Hart

I've been reading so many thrillers lately that I thought I would try something light for a change. I wasn't disappointed. This was an easy read, although I did find myself skimming through the last 20% of the ARC. By the 80% point, I was eager to read something more suspenseful with plot twists to keep me intrigued, or with captivating characters whose lives I become fully invested in. That didn't happen for me with No Angel, but ultimately the book does what it says on the tin. If you're interested in an NA romance with a kind male protagonist and a broken female, then this should be right up your ally.

The main characters, Charlie and Evan, were written well enough, but perhaps could have been developed further. Charlie sleeps with a bunch of random guys to feel wanted, which I can sort of understand. When it turned out that they were all using her, I wasn't surprised, but I did feel sorry for her. Her inability to stand up for herself is sad. She acts as though she deserves the cruel names that are thrown at her, and I just wanted to shake her and yell, "Why didn't you punch that douche?" Perhaps it was her lack of fighting spirit that left me slightly uninterested in her story. Had she been all attitude, then I would have been cheering her on, but you can understand that she's been beaten down by so many men that she has zero confidence in herself. Even a phone call would have sufficed...

If you're going to be swept off your feet by a guy, then you'd want him to be non-judgemental and caring like Evan, but he didn't completely hit the mark for me. I didn't really buy his sudden fascination and feelings for Charlie. Wouldn't you listen to your brother when he tells you a girl has a reputation, unless you're only after one thing yourself? But no, he wants to get to know her. It felt a little forced to me.