Holiday Blues

Hi, folks!

It's been a while since I last posted. I've been swamped at work, and I've finally completed what became a nightmare, never-ending proofreading course. But the main reason for my absence is because I recently returned from an amazing holiday in the Dominican Republic!

View from my sun lounger at Dreams Palm Beach Resort, Punta Cana

The sun and heat was incredible, especially compared to cold and rainy England, and the beachside resort was akin to paradise. The beach was gorgeous with clean, white sand and clear water and the pools were huge. When I wasn't swimming, I was lying poolside or on the beach, sipping cocktails and reading. So you can expect lots of book reviews coming up!

Blue skies, white clouds and green palm trees in Punta Cana

I also revelled in the change of scenery and engaged in a little book perving i.e. spying on fellow holidaymakers to see what novels they were reading. Thrillers seemed to be the most popular choice of genre amongst the mostly American tourists, particularly those of the detective kind. However, most readers were glued to their Kindles or tablets, thereby preventing me from seeing the titles of what were possibly saucy, cliché-ridden, erotic novels. E-readers take all the fun out of book perving!